Please visit the Lake Union Virtual Museum at http://www.lakeunionhistory.org

Vaun Raymond

The Lake Union Virtual Museum is a multimedia website about the history of a fascinating lake in the heart of the city of Seattle.  This WordPress blog contains news about the ongoing development of the museum, but does not contain any museum exhibits.  TO VISIT THE MUSEUM ITSELF, PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINK ABOVE.

My name is Vaun Raymond.  I began creating The Lake Union Virtual Museum in the autumn of 2008, as a final project for my Graduate work in the Master of Communications in Digital Media program at the University of Washington.

The Lake Union Virtual Museum is a no-budget, bicycle-powered museum that exists only on the Web.  I used commonly-available tools and resources to create this museum, including public image archives, consumer-level cameras, simple software programs, and, of course, a bicycle.

The primary purpose of this project is to tell a few of the countless stories from the history of this fascinating lake in the middle of Seattle.  The secondary purpose is to explore how richly small stories about local subjects can be shared with the world on the Internet, using text, images, audio and video.

To learn more about how this project got started, please visit the proposal page of this weblog.

I started this WordPress blog to keep my academic advisers, Kathy Gill and Hanson Hosein, informed about my progress while I was a student at UW.  I plan to continue posting updates here, as I add more and more pages to the Virtual Museum.  Since WordPress pages appear prominently in Google searches, I hope that many people will discover the museum through this blog.

I am a native of Massachusetts and have been living in Seattle since 1994.  I operate a one-man video production company called VSR Video Productions and have been teaching video production at local colleges since 2004.

Please feel free to leave comments here or email me, especially if you have stories to share about Lake Union.  You and your story might become a new chapter in the Lake Union Virtual Museum!   My email address is: vaun@u.washington.edu.

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